Engineering and Construction Projects of David Mason

Surveying Services

PAGECO & Associates’ surveying department has the manpower and resources necessary to field multiple full time survey crews.  Our surveying department provides services on numerous projects throughout the region and has the proven ability to respond quickly and effectively.  Each crew is equipped and trained with the latest electronic Total Station Instruments and Data Collectors which enable them to download field information directly into our computer system for efficient production of survey CAD drawings.  Each crew also has a Level Instrument and Level Rods (English and Metric) for elevations and level loops.  Other items such as prisms, bipods, metal detectors, two-way radios, cellular phone equipment and consumable survey equipment are available as components of four fully equipped company survey vans in the Miami region, and 4 fully equipped survey vans in the Chicago region.  Other state of the art equipment used by our survey crews include fully robotic Total Station Instruments, Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment, electronic digital level and 3D laser scanning equipment.

PAGECO crews are experienced with property/boundary surveys, aerial mapping and topographic surveys, roadway and right of way surveys, hydraulic and bridge surveys and GPS survey projects. Our approach to each project is unique and is predicated on the requirements for that project.  Our project management approach is based upon thorough and open communication between the client and our Survey Managers.   Through a joint team effort, schedules, milestone dates, and a written quality control program for that field and office work are established.  Finally, all field work is performed under the direction and supervision of the Registered Land Surveyor in charge and conforms to the survey standards and specifications adopted for the project.