Engineering and Construction Projects of PAGECO

Parks & Recreation

Natural surroundings with recreational opportunities make up the modern park systems.  These contemporary priorities of sustainability, native plantings, and accessibility are well known to the staff of PAGECO and Associates.  Our experience with a wide range of projects, from small to large, from athletic fields to wildlife habitats, allows us to assist you in creating the right environment.  Understanding of urban challenges, suburban trail systems, and transportation interconnectivity is one of our strengths, providing valuable knowledge that can be used to produce a successful and sustainable project.

Example Projects Include:


            River Des Peres Greenway

            Maline Creek Greenway

            Bike & Equestrian Trail


           Forest Park Master Plan

           City Wide Parks


           Dwight Davis Playground

           Miami Children’s Zoo

Athletic Fields

            SIUC Athletic Fields

            Atkins Tennis Center

            UofC North Field Renovation