Engineering and Construction Projects of David Mason


As healthcare design evolves, PAGECO and Associates is there to assist in developing aesthetic, and yet functional spaces that can improve patient satisfaction and employee productivity.  Our experience with a wide variety of medical office space, clinics, hospitals, and trauma facilities means that we can provide owners with a range of diverse solutions for projects.  Simple ideas experienced in seemingly unrelated projects can yield cost effective solutions to complex problems, and provide our clients with a level of ease and satisfaction that their project is better than what they expected.

Example Projects Include:

New Facilities, Expansions and Additions

            UofC Hospital Pavilion

            Childrens Hospital


Mixed Use Facilities

            BJC South Campus

           William Eckhardt Research Center

Renovation & Restoration

            VA Dallas Window Replacement

            BJC Parking Lots

Medical Office Space

            SIU East Miami

            North County Community Health Center