Engineering and Construction Projects of David Mason

About PAGECO & Associates

Engineering, Management and Construction Support Firm

Pierre & Gautier Engineering Consultants & Associates (PAGECO) is not a standard consulting firm.  We are a company that provides superior, comprehensive services within the engineering, surveying and architectural realms.  Our clientele returns to PAGECO, not because we are the cheapest, but because we are the best. 


Clients know that PAGECO will get the job done.  Worrying and checking on consultants costs time and money, and clients can rely on the fact that uncertainty of performance is never a concern with PAGECO.  Our project teams are always keenly aware of project deadlines, and always complete tasks on schedule.


Clients know that the services they will receive on their project will be as expected, exceptional.  The knowledge that project documentation will adhere to either internal or client standards is reassuring. PAGECO & Associates maintains databases of standards, insuring that client service and documentation is always a known commodity to the client.


Clients know that the lines of communication are always open, not just to their project manager, but to all members of the team. They know that they will have their inquiries and concerns addressed promptly and accurately.  From the technical CAD staff producing documentation, to the principals and owners, PAGECO & Associates is always aware of the client's need.


Clients know that their consultant has a staff second to none in the field.  They are certain that their project will be state of the art, cost efficient, and sustainable.  Modern documentation techniques, computer assisted analysis, and product knowledge by PAGECO team members is always exceptional, providing true value to the client.

With PAGECO & Associates, clients are rest assured that the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry will consistently respond to their needs in a reliable manner.